Warranty Terms & Conditions

This policy was last updated April 2016

Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions:

The JBJ-USA Extended Warranty Program extends the original manufacturer’s warranty for an additional warranty period selected and purchased by the purchaser.

Extended Warranties can only be purchased prior to the original standard limited manufacturer’s warranty has expired. (First 12 months from the original purchase date)

The Extended Warranty is limited and subject to the following terms and conditions:

Extended warranty is available only to the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

This warranty applies against defective material and workmanship of the product. Any additions, modifications, or other changes made to the product made by anyone other than the manufacturer shall void the warranty. Loss or damages resulting from any cause other than normal use and operation such as but not limited to exposure to weather, abuse, misapplication, accidents, or mishandling will also void the warranty.

This extended warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, personal injury, property loss or damage, livestock loss, water damage, or any damage (direct, incidental, or consequential) arising from use of this product. This warranty gives you specific rights; you may have other rights varying from state to state.

If the product needs to be shipped for reasons such as repairs, maintenance, or replacement, then the extended warranty will cover standard UPS Ground or USPS shipping within the U.S. only. Expedited shipping will only be available at the cost of the purchaser. Loaner products will not be available during the duration the product is in for repairs, maintenance, or in the midst of being replaced.

The extended warranty may be cancelled within the first 30 days of purchasing the extended warranty. It can only be cancelled by a signed written request with the proof of purchase attached. A cancellation fee of $35.00 will be applied and the original extended warranty document must be returned prior to a refund. Extended warranties cannot be cancelled if there is a pending warranty claim.

Extended Warranty Guideline & Pricing:

Orion Light Fixtures

If the light fixture is deemed defective the following actions will be taken accordingly; product will be replaced entirely, product will be repaired at the JBJ-USA facility, or parts will be provided at consumer’s request. If parts are provided, JBJ-USA is not responsible for incorrect repairs made by consumer and may also be subject to void the warranty.

Extended warranty will cover any defective parts including the LED, fans, transformer, and remote control.

Extended warranty only covers defective material and workmanship and does not cover loss or damages related, but not limited to, water damage, mishandling such as dropping the light, breakage caused by improper installation of the hanging brackets, electrical issues not directly related to the light fixture, and all other damages unrelated to normal use and operation of the light fixture.

If product needs to be shipped to the JBJ-USA facility for repair, extended warranty will cover standard shipping both ways. Expedited shipping will only be available at the cost of the consumer. Loaner products will not be available during the duration the product is in transit or being repaired.