Dennerle is the only aquatic supplier that can fulfill all these requirement from a sing source. Shrimp King Shrimp Food

Shrimp King Shrim Food 5 in 1

Shrimp King Shrimp Food

ShrimpKing is based on the species specific diet of shrimps in their natural habitat (Caridina and Neocardina specials).

All types of food are produced in Germany - Premium Shrimp food made in Germany

  • 100% Natural Ingredients in food-grade quality
  • Guaranteed free from artificial additives, such as color-ants, antioxidants, preservatives or attractants.
  • Without fish meal or fish offal.
  • For healthy and balance growth, rich coloring and joy of reproduction

Basic Food

  • Cambarellus Basic Food for Crayfish
  • Atyopsis Basic Food for Fan Shrimp
  • Snail Stixx Basic Food for Freshwater Snails

Shrimp Food

  • 5 Leaf Mix Food Snack
  • Complete Basic Food Sticks
  • Mineral Food Granules
  • Color Food Granules
  • Protein Food Sticks
  • Baby Rearing Food
  • Yummy Gum Kneable Putty Food

Shrimp Pop

  • Algae Pops Sinking Food Sticks
  • Artemia Pops Sinking Food Sticks
  • Moringa Pops Sinking Food Sticks
  • Snow Pops Sinking Food Sticks

5 In 1

  • 5 in 1 Discovery Pack
    • Complete
    • Protein
    • Mineral
    • 5 Leaf Mix
    • Snow Pops

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