Nano Cube Hero WiFi

How to Connect Your Device


28g Nano-Cube_tank
All-in-One Design
3-Stage Filtration
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dual Return Nozzles
Easy Feeding Lid
Advanced Illumination
Accela SP1-100 Pumps
1-Year Limited Warranty

Advanced LED Illumination with WiFi Programmability

The next generation JBJ Nano-cube makes adjusting your aquarium lighting easy. The new WiFi integration allows you to program custom light cycles and color settings. The Nano-Cube Aquarium offer panoramic viewing. Download the JBJ Aquarium app on



WiFi Feature

JBJ App is a multifunctional aquarium app design to control your lighting canopy on your JBJ AIO Nano-Cube, Cubey. Manual Mode allows you to manually control your aquarium light in real time. 3 channel White/Blues/Reds. Ramp from 0% to 100% manually in this mode. Smart Mode allows you to customize your light with 3 channels and 10 independent times.
Use either built in timer or point graph to choose how you want to cycle your light.
Quick Preview your customized settings.
Connection is quick and easy by choosing what Aquarium you want to connect to in the WIFI Setting on your smart device.

Integrated 3 Stage Filtration

►Our comprehensive 3 Stage Filtration system keep aquariums sparkling clean and is discreetly hidden behind a false wall to provide an uncluttered and professional look and feel. All media is conveniently placed inside our transparent Removal Filter Media Basket for quick and easy filter changes. The filter media basket also incorporates a handle and a sliding door for added convenience. It can also be converted into an “In tank Refugium” to grow Chaetomorpha.

Mechanical Filtration

►Filter Sponge traps free floating particulate matter and debris.

Chemical Filtration

►Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor.

Biological Filtration

►Ceramic Ring bag provides internal/external surface area for housing beneficial bacteria to oxidize harmful ammonia and nitrite that accumulate in the aquarium from fish wastes, over-feeding, and normal biological processes. Ceramic Ring bag can be removed if using this Nano-Cube as a mini-reef aquarium. Maintaining an average of 1lb per gallon of live rock will create a live biological filtration system as well as denitrification system ultimately creating a balanced biotope.

Dual Return Pumps

►Once the water is filtered and heated, the water is redirected back into the aquarium via (2) directional flow nozzles and wavemaker. The dual return pumps along with the wavemaker recreate the natural turbulent currents normally associated with reef environments.


►The Ocean Pulse Wavemaker can be adjusted from 10 Seconds to 6 minute intervals. This alternating cycle will keep detritus from accumulating, provides oxygen, removes waste from coral polyps and provides the optimal environment for corals to flourish.

Warranty & Support

The Nano Cube Wi-Fi is backed by a standard 1-year limited warranty and unlimited free technical support by representatives experienced with the latest JBJ product line.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Tank: 26” x 22.5” x 25.6” 63lb
Kit Contents: 28 Gallon All-In-One Aquarium
40W LED Wi-Fi Canopy
3-Stage Filtration with media